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    Hello visitor! I'm so glad you could make it. Relax, enjoy some images and feel free to drop me a note if you'd like.

    Curious about what makes me tick as a designer? Collaboration. Research. Problem solving. Time crunches. When art + physics = a great finished project. And all that fabulous documentation! I love the subtle qualities of light, the beauty it can instill without drawing attention to itself. I also get stoked by the energy light can infuse into an image, a scene or a musical button. The malleable nature of light and the endless applications appeal to my senses of discovery and creativity.

    I'm always looking out for other old and new artists who can capture those ephemeral moments. Some of my favorite painters, sculptors and photographers are:

    -- Zdizlaw Beksinsky
    -- Thomas Hart Benton
    -- Carravagio
    -- Gregory Crewdson
    -- Caspar David Friedrich
    -- Burt Glinn
    -- George Grosz
    -- Edward Hopper
    -- Magritte
    -- Louise Nevelson
    -- Rembrant
    -- Joseph MW Turner
    -- Jan Vermeer
    -- Francesca Woodman

    A brief bio: I grew up on a small farm in rural Maine, and packed up for Boston as soon as I finished high school. I've seen a fair portion of the world, traveling and working in Europe, the UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and throughout the US. I'm always at home in an airport. Have laptop, will travel! I currently live in Pennsylvania with my husband Kevin and a retired greyhound, Pig.

    Want to learn more, or have a specific question? Wonderful!

    Drop me a line or email me, and we can discuss a project you're working on, the wonders of the world, why there is only double-acting baking powder but never single-acting, or anything else that comes to mind. Until great inspiration comes to you, please enjoy my portfolio and best wishes in your endeavors!

    --- Michelle